Buckaroo ‘63 Tele® Pickup Set

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The “Buckaroo’s” pay homage to the big, bold, clean Telecaster sounds that emanated from Bakersfield in the 1960’s. Players like Roy Nichols and Don Rich gifted us not only some of the twangiest Tele licks, but also some of the snappiest, clearest chickin’ pickin’ heard west of Muskogee. The “Buckaroo’s” are dead on replicas of the best of the 60’s, for that clanky, clean Tele sound. Roll back the volume for that smooth, snappy tone. Turn up the heat, and withhold those big, juicy cleans every Tele player dreams of.

Features include: 6.3K output, tempered, Alnico V magnets, raised D and G poles on bridge, 42 gauge Plain Enamel in bridge, 43 gauge Plain Enamel in neck. Special winding pattern. Light potting (copper baseplate not potted). RWRP option, cloth covered leads. Chrome neck cover.

1 review for Buckaroo ‘63 Tele® Pickup Set

  1. Jeffrey Hall

    I recently installed the Buckaroo pickup set in a partscaster with a maple body, maple neck, brass compensated saddles, vintage bridge, Emerson three-way telecaster circuit–and the sound that comes of out of the guitar is the most exquisite telecatser sound you could ever want.

    These pickups have layers of character. Around the 12th fret on the E and A stings these pickups sound like a contralto who makes you ask “how is she getting that timbre–” mellow and sultry and refined with just an edge of mystery. And, I, as a bass player, really love the little bit of growl you can coax out of the low notes. Add this to the ethereal, vibrant twang in the higher ranges that just soar out and up–not harsh, but clear and strong–and you have a tonal pallet that just makes you want to keep playing everywhere on the fingerboard to explore all the depth of character of these pickups. And the beautiful contrast between the neck and bridge pickups is really engaging. Switching between pickups has never been more fun. So, so good. They make for a guitar that I don’t want to put down. Such an iconic tele sound from those pickups. I couldn’t be happier.

    To top it off, Owen, the maker of the pickup and conjurer of the magic therein, is helpful and friendly and quick to respond, and it’s clear he loves his work because it shows in the final product.

    Here’s the bottom line–if you love that telecaster sound, stop what you’re doing, order a set, install them in your tele and then play for hours and revel in how good they sound.

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