Big Boy Tele® Neck Pickup


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This is a great choice for players looking for a nice twist on a classic
design. Named the Big Boy for its big, strong tone, this is a taller magnet Tele neck pickup. It uses Alnico V, .187 magnet slugs, and is handwound
with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar to around 5.6K. It also uses a pure
nickel/silver cover which is more “transparent” sounding than traditional
brass/chrome covers.

The tone of this pickup isn’t necessarily hot, although it certainly has a warmer midrange, woodier high end, and loses any anemic and muffled
properties Tele neck pickups can sometimes have.

Overall, the tone is
clear, direct, and even – somewhat Strat’ty, somewhat Gretsch’y, and
very Tele’ish. This is a great pickup for neck soloing and smooth
rhythm chord work.

Redd Volkaert uses this neck pickup along with the Plankster
bridge pickup.


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