Here’s a list of clearly stated policies to respect your rights and expectations as a customer, as well as mine as a small business owner.

Pickup Policies

1. Pickups can be exchanged for tonal reasons or other appropriate reasons. Please allow 2-3 weeks for return service. Buyer pays shipping and handling costs. I do not offer exchanges on pickups delivered 30 days prior or more or that have been tampered with or damaged.

2. All pickup Ohm readings can fluctuate slightly with time, temperature, and other factors. All Ohm readings are therefore considered approximate within 5%. I wind by turns of coil wire: the best method to ensure a quality, lasting product.

3. I ship pickups with high-quality vintage-style hardware. It may not match the other hardware on your guitar, or be the same size and shape as it. I’m not responsible for damages to pickups/guitar/persons when installing pickups.

4. My pickups are made to vintage specifications and have the physical variances associated with such handmade goods. They will fit any guitar that a vintage-style pickup would fit, but may not fit all aftermarket parts.

InVicta Amplifer Warranty & Policies

My goal is to have players who are thrilled with my products, tell others, and come back for more.  The policies below establish my personal integrity, my commitment to each amplifier I make, and set reasonable expectations for a relationship of both buyer and maker.

1. All amplifiers have a complete 1-year warranty to original purchaser. Tubes, transformer(s), and speaker(s) have a 30-day manufacturer warranty, and damage due to their failure is not covered. Amplifier chassis must be sent to me for warranty work – I will pay shipping both ways.

2. Amplifiers that have been neglected, abused, modified, or serviced incorrectly void this warranty. This would include using different value components, removing/adding parts, or re-configuring wiring.  

3. To that end, I would like to be your tech for your InVicta Amplifier. I will charge an absolute minimum to assure your amplifier chassis is serviced correctly. I will not sell you unneeded services, and assure the amp remains wired to electrical code. 

4. Shipping tube amps is risky and an amp damaged in shipment is a disappointment on both ends. Even well-packed, issues can arise, as with shipping any instrument – please be patient if a tube is microphonic, a pot is scratchy, or speaker rubs. No amplifier is ever sent out with damage, or in any non-functioning state. Please save your shipping carton for shipping claims or returns. 

5. The customer is always right. If you bought an amp from me, and understand the warranty and policies outlined here, I will take care of you 100%. If you bought a used amplifier from a music store or eBay seller, you are their customer.

6. 3-Day Trial Period: If you listened to demos, read up, talked to me, but just aren’t blown away with your new amplifier within 3 days of receipt, there are two options: a one-time exchange of your chassis for another model (price to be adjusted accordingly), or return the amplifier as received and I will refund purchase price minus shipping charges and fees. Custom options and color amps will have a 15% restocking fee. Please, don’t purchase an amplifier “lightly”.

1. Quoted lead times are accurate. Therefore, I can’t fairly respond to questions about order status before the lead time is up. Rush orders can be added to an order at any time.

2. Please, no order cancellations. Changes may be made to an order within 48 hours of placement, and after that time, I must charge for changes.

3. We use PayPal for all major credit card transactions. We also accept Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, personal checks (must clear), and Paypal for money transfers. Before sending a payment separately from our shopping cart, please email me at ocduffpickups@gmail.com, or include your written or typed order with payment. All emails will be returned promptly, and our turnaround time is fast. If you aren’t using our shopping cart, please add $10 for shipping and handling. Your invoice is your Paypal receipt or furnished by request to those ordering with check/money order.

4. Your shipping carton will contain your pickups and mounting hardware. Each pickup will be labeled. To keep costs down, there are no stickers/extra packaging, etc.