Rewind | Repair

True Hand Rewinds for 1 single coil pickup is $65, with your choice of coil wire. Dual coil/humbucker pickup rewinds are $55. Repairs and modifications are charged by an hourly rate of $55, and most repairs take less than half that time.

Hand rewinds are done just the same as any other pickup I offer. Most mass manufacturered pickups still have good quality Alnico or Ceramic rods, and can be hand rewound to achieve an amazing tone. So if you have a pickup sitting in a box that you never liked, please send it along and I’ll wind some vintage hand wound tone into it.

Repairs usually include broken coil wires near the eyelets – if the pickup will need to be rewound, there will be no charge for an inspection of the pickup. Mods might include making a Tele neck pickup into 4-way wiring, or adding a baseplate to a Strat or Tele pickup, or safely removing a neck cover from a Tele and wrapping the coil in tape.

Please email with questions, and when you send the pickups please include your name, address, email address, type of pickup, and rewind/repair/modification that needs to be done. Don’t forget to include your shipping address and $10 for shipping and handling.

Wide Range Rewinds

I’ve been doing these for years, with great results – the current Wide Ranges just don’t have the mojo of the originals. There is a ton of potential in these pickups, as the parts are high quality – and they do capture the original look. The fix? Ditch the cheap Polysol wire and ceramic bar magnet. Hand rewind with vintage correct 42 gauge Plain Enamel, put an Alnico V bar magnet in there, and that’s the best Wide Range sound you’ll ever hear – deep, clear, harmonically rich, nice “puckery” tone – and gone is that stiff, brittle high end.

Price: $110 to hand rewind each pickup (remember, this includes dismantling the pickups, wiring, etc.

Replace bar magnet with Alnico: $15. Originals returned at customer’s request.