Plankster & Big Boy Tele® Set

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Plankster: Another twist on a classic design. This pickup is modeled after some of the earliest Plank’casters, aka Broadcasters. Smooth, smoky highs that still twang, defined bass, slightly aggressive upper midrange.  It can go from smooth and dignified to rude and unrefined, depending on your mood. .195 Alnico III flat pole magnets, wound to 9.5K with 43 gauge Plain Enamel wire. The output of this pickup isn’t as high as the resistance numbers would suggest, although it is on the hot side of things. The result is a tone that is distinctly edgier, more vibrant, and a tad darker than stock Telecaster bridge pickups.

Great for thicker, sharper leads and cutting rhythms – this pickup really has a pleasant “edge” to the treble frequencies, and offers new harmonic dimensions for lead work. Cleans up nicely though for more sophisticated settings. Mates up nicely with the Big Boy neck pickup.

Redd Volkaert uses the Plankster along with the Big Boy neck pickup.

Big Boy:

This is a great choice for players looking for a nice twist on a classic design. Named the Big Boy for its big, strong tone, this is a taller Tele neck pickup. It uses taller Alnico V, .195 magnet slugs, and is handwound with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar to around 6K. It also uses a pure nickel/silver cover which is more “transparent” sounding than traditional brass/chrome covers.

The tone of this pickup isn’t necessarily hot, although it certainly has a warmer midrange, woodier high end, and loses any anemic and muffled properties Tele neck pickups can sometimes have. Overall, the tone is clear, direct, and even – somewhat Strat’ty, somewhat Gretsch’y (especially in the middle position) and somewhat Tele’ish. This is a great pickup for neck soloing and smooth rhythm chord work.

Redd Volkaert uses this neck pickup, along with the Plank’ster bright pickup.

5 reviews for Plankster & Big Boy Tele® Set

  1. Nick

    I ordered this set back in 2015. They were placed into my #1 tele and have never left. Talk about versatility…these pickups can handle just about ANYTHING you can throw at them. I’ve played country, blues, rock, funk, jazz, r&b-even solo/ singer/ songwriter-type gigs a la Jeff Buckley.
    The Plankster can really go from smooth/ slinky, even jangly. But once you throw overdrive/ gain at it, it can compress and really ROCK! The Big Boy is my FAVORITE neck pickup I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. It’s never muffled, always round, woody, thick (in a GOOD way), and should you decide to ditch a pick and use your fingers these can make some of the most gorgeous sounds, just add spring reverb and delay.
    The middle position utilizing these two pickups is something to behold! You can get instant funk, country, soul and R&B sounds out of that position. I find myself riding on the middle position most nights when I’m gigging.
    Would you believe I ordered a second set for another tele…becuase I absolutely did! Do yourself a favor and get a set of these pickups. You and your tele will be satisfied!

  2. Bill Edwards (verified owner)

    I’ve been gigging for 20 years and finally built my dream Tele. Searched high and low for my favorite Tele sound and it came from this set of pickups. Very good string definition without being strident. Tremendous clean and growls perfectly when overdriven. Highly recommended. If its good enough for Redd, its good enough for me!

  3. Mike Flores

    I heard about O.C. Duff pickups and decided to try a set. The Plankster/ Big Boy were the ones I chose. I needed the versatility that this combo provides. Without saying too much, they have all the qualities I need. Clean, clear, with a splash of warmth, but nice solid tones in all positions. Very well balanced! I’ll be buying more for another guitar that needs an upgrade! Thank you O. C. Duff!!

  4. Ace The-Gambler

    Redd Volkheart turned me onto OC Duff Pickups. He was dead on. I have 99 Nashville Deluxe. Gout a lefthand wound middle Big Boy. Live them. Redd thanks so much for turning me onto such a great product. And thank you OC Duff for your craftsmanship.
    JD Moss (Ace)

  5. Ace The-Gambler

    Redd Volkheart turned me onto OC Duff Pickups. OMG!! Nuff said?

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