Dyna-Tele Tele® Neck Pickup


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he Dyna-Tele gets some of the look and flavor of the 50’s Gretsch Dynasonic pickups and a classic Tele neck pickup. The Dyna-Tele features an open top design with slightly protruding Alnico 5 magnets, and a shielded nickel silver side cover, with extended magnet length out the bottom, similar to the Dynasonic. This produces a bright, clear and twangy neck tone. The Dyna-Tele is hand wound to approx. 5.6K with 42 gauge Formvar wire (different from the thicker 38 gauge used on the larger bobbins of the Dynasonic) to give the pickup a warm, woody tonality in a smaller platform. Overall expect a neck pickup that is a mix of Gretsch and Fender while being uniquely O.C. Duff.

If you are looking for something different without re-routing or making the leap to larger single coils or humbuckers, the Dyna-Tele is a solid choice. Sounds great alone and gives glorious “pucker” in the in between position. Pairs well with a Fifty-Fifty bridge pickup, Buckaroo or Fillmore.


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