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The “Original” Nancy since 2004. My ‘Nancy’ pickups are replicas of the pickups in Roy Buchanan’s main squeeze. These pickups will sing, squeel and cry like a scalded cat, or cleaned up, will give you that bold, edgy, twangy tone the early Blackguard Telecasters. Alnico III magnets in the bridge, tempered (simulating age), .195 or .185 magnets, whichever you prefer, and handwound to around 5.9K with high quality 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire, correct fiberboard bobbin, brass eyelets, copper baseplate. All vintage correct components compliment these pickups – the neck has Alnico V magnets, handwound to around 5.9K with 43 gauge Plain Enamel wire, and a chrome cover. These ‘Nancy’s’ are good for more than Roy’s tone – they can be altered slightly to achieve a killer early Blackguard sound as well.

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