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The “Buckaroo’s” pay homage to the big, bold, clean Telecaster sounds that
emanated from Bakersfield in the 1960’s. Players like Roy Nichols and Don Rich gifted us not only some of the twangiest Tele licks, but also some of the snappiest, clearest chickin’ pickin’ heard west of Muskogee. The “Buckaroo’s” are dead on replicas of the best of the 60’s, for that clanky, clean Tele sound. Roll back the volume for that smooth, snappy tone. Turn up the heat, and withhold those big, juicy cleans every Tele player dreams of.

Features include: 6.3K output, tempered, Alnico V magnets, raised D and G poles on bridge, 42 gauge Plain Enamel in bridge, 43 gauge Plain Enamel in neck. Special winding pattern. Light potting (copper baseplate not potted). RWRP option, cloth covered leads. Chrome neck cover.

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4 reviews for Buckaroo ‘63 Tele® Pickup

  1. Liam

    I have several sets of OC Duff’s tele pickups, and they’re all excellent. The plankster/big boy is a great all around set. The Guardsman is the closest thing I’ve found to original early 50’s blackguard pickups, especially the bridge.

    And this Buckaroo set is like Don Rich in a bottle. Clean and compressed without being sterile, and when you crank the volume it breaks up the amp just right. I have a 60s style tele with a Glaser B Bender in it, and I’ve been chasing that Bakersfield sound for a while now. I’ve tried several different sets, but these Buckaroos are the real deal.

  2. Brett Hansen

    Just installed a set of Buckaroos last night. They are perfect….Bakersfield twang and then some. I’ve played everything from Fender Custom Shop Nocaster 51`s to Duncan Antiquities to Don Mare and finally I’m done searching. These deliver the twang in spades. I’m shopping for another guitar to install a set of Duff Guardsman pickups in now.

  3. Bob Collum

    I have a 60s RI Tele that I loaded with a set of Buckaroos.. holy moly! Night and day difference. I’ve actually ditched my pedals because I’m so happy with the sound of these pickups, guitar and amp.
    It would be nice to see Owens pickups in shops everywhere but it’s not worth risking personal touch that makes these pickups so special just to increase the product output (no pun intended!).
    I love and have used Fralins, Lollards, Mare etc but the wiggle room tonal /feel difference between their pickups and Owen’s is remarkable. Please never change that! 🤓

  4. Joel

    I have had a set of the 63 buckaroos in three different telecasters, 2 customshop and one 60s original modified model and these made each guitar sound better. They are in my 63 customshop silver sparkle tele that I replaced the twisted teles pickups with and man oh man that guitar gives you Bakersfield sound all day long. Now trying out a set of 55 white guards in my 61 tele

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