Buckaroo ‘63 Tele® Pickup


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The “Buckaroo’s” pay homage to the big, bold, clean Telecaster sounds that
emanated from Bakersfield in the 1960’s. Players like Roy Nichols and Don Rich gifted us not only some of the twangiest Tele licks, but also some of the snappiest, clearest chickin’ pickin’ heard west of Muskogee. The “Buckaroo’s” are dead on replicas of the best of the 60’s, for that clanky, clean Tele sound. Roll back the volume for that smooth, snappy tone. Turn up the heat, and withhold those big, juicy cleans every Tele player dreams of.

Features include: 6.3K output, tempered, Alnico V magnets, raised D and G poles on bridge, 42 gauge Plain Enamel in bridge, 43 gauge Plain Enamel in neck. Special winding pattern. Light potting (copper baseplate not potted). RWRP option, cloth covered leads. Chrome neck cover.

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