Texas Roadhouse Strat® Pickup


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Big and bluesy, great for solo noting, this is a higher output Strat set. Still capable of maintaining a crisp edge on the note, these are perfect for those wanting that special Strat tone. Alnico V staggered or flat magnets. Handwound with a heavy scatter with thinner 43 gauge wire for that thicker, edgier tone and richer output. Smoother highs, bigger mids, and fatter lows – this is a great set of pickups for those who like the output and darkness of humbuckers. Vintage specs, handwound, fiberboard bobbins, cloth leads.

Stock output: neck and middle 8K (RWRP option), bridge: 9.5K

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Texas Roadhouse Strat® Pickup Set, Texas Roadhouse Strat® Single Pickup


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