Tadeo ‘54 Strat® Pickup


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The original Strat pickup – a truly unique sound not used again after mid 1955! Alnico III staggered with larger .200 diameter magnets, handwound with 7850 turns of 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire. Based on the 1954-55 Stratocaster pickups – in between positions are less quacky, and these have a bit less mids, softer bass, and a twangier high end. Great for those seeking the early Strat tones, or just those looking for the unexpected. Vintage specs, handwound, fiberboard bobbins, cloth leads.

Stock output is 5.8K with 5% +/- increments. RWRP option.

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Tadeo ‘54 Strat® Pickup Set, Tadeo ‘54 Strat® Single Pickup


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