Vintage PAF’s


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I love Gibson’s and think the PAF is the bee’s knees, and I’m a closet Les Paul player too (ever notice how a good Les Paul sounds like a Tele?).

I’ve also been making PAF’s to mate with Tele Bridge pickups since I started in 2002.

My most popular option is the low wind – which really is just taking it back to PAF stock specs, and enough with this overwound business. A PAF can chime and sparkle too with no reduction in output.

My favorite set is an Alnico 2 neck PAF wound to 7K, and an Alnico 4 magnet PAF wound to 8K. Perfectly calibrated, not “in your face hot” and with a sweet high end and mellow overall vibe.

I can handwind these to high output or low output, whichever you desire. Large options of string spacing, vintage correct bobbins, nickel silver covers, steel baseplate, nickel steel polepieces, wound with Plain Enamel wire. Braided shielded vintage wire. Your choice of Alnico II, III, or V bar magnet.


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