Nancy Guitar Pickups A Tele pickup in a Strat bobbin - your friends will never know what's under the hood! This is a super twangy pickup and very popular with those who truly want the Telecaster tone in their Strat. Alnico III Flat Poled Strat style pickup, handwound with 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire, or 43 for even more output. With steel baseplate for 10% added bass and twang. Vintage specs, handwound, fiberboard bobbins, cloth leads.

Stock output is 6.5K with 5% +/- increments. 7K is max on these with 42 Plain Enamel.
Two-Timer Strat® Pickup
Two-Timer Strat® Pickup - $114
Two-Timer Strat® Pickup bevelled - $119
Two-Timer Strat® Pickup aged - $129
Two-Timer Strat® Pickup bevelled & aged - $134
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