Notes on Sound Clips
These clips were recorded very inexpensively and simply, in one or two takes, and no effects or EQ's were used at all. No amp settings changed (controls set flat), no doctoring of clips, no fancy studio, no compression or reverb - what you hear is what came through the speakers.

The pickups featured in these clips (8/01/06) are an O.C. Duff Pickups Set; Alnico V flat-poled Telecaster, 7.45K bridge, 6.75K neck, RWRP. I built these as a sort of average set based on what many of my customers commonly ask for - it's by no means the only sounds I can get for you, but I felt it was representative of a typical set of pickups I make, and therefore would be good for basic sound clips. I also chose an amp and guitar that most everyone is familiar with (see notes below). I did not adjust either the amp or guitar at any time during the record - if a lick sounded like it had too much bass, or too much midrange or treble, I resisted the urge to adjust the amp or guitar. I felt the playing field had to be leveled - if I kept adjusting controls or changing mics, it would ruin the objectivity of the clips. The best thing to do is use your program's EQ to adjust each tone - that way you can get the effect of what it would be like to adjust the amp's controls.

Think of this as a launching point for a discussion when coming to me for a custom order. What do you hear in the clips that you want in a custom set of O.C. Duff's? Or what do you hear that you want to dial out? Try to listen to the intrinsic quality of the pickups, their natural tone. And of course, these pickups would sound brighter and clearer through a Deluxe Reverb, for example, and chimier through an AC-30. So keep in mind when listening that these were recorded through a big, dark, tweed amp.

Some of the songs in the clips may not be to everyone's tastes, nor will they be relevant or useful to everyone - but I felt these were clips that meant clean Telecaster tone to me, for whatever that's worth. And in my experience, a set of pickups that can achieve a great clean tone will almost always achieve a good driven tone - I'll be recording with an 808 style overdrive pedal in the future, to illustrate this point (diming a tweed Bassman in my friend's house/studio was not an option). Undoubtedly, in the hands of someone else, I'm sure this set of pickups could have nailed some overdriven Jimmy Page tones through an old Supro, or Roy Nichols through an old Blackface Twin. But using just one amp for the clips further made for a more objective listening experience.

So put on some good headphones or play them through some good speakers and have fun!

Patrick GoldenPatrick Golden is a long time student and good friend of Ray Flacke & Scotty Anderson and is available for guitar lessons and studio session work in Kentucky & Nashville. Please email him or phone him at: (859)271-8812.

Photo: Patrick Golden and Brent Mason (right)

All songs are for demonstration use only.

The Telecaster clips are Lo-Fi MP3 files. Recorded into ProTools, using an SM57 mic, and a Sennheiser 609 - the former centered on the speaker grill, the latter on the edge of the cone. InVicta Amplifier 5F6-A tweed Bassman clone, Weber 10-inch Alnico Signature speakers, Input 1, Normal Channel. All tone controls set flat at 6.5 (to level the playing field), volume at 3.5. No effects pedals. Medium weight alder bodied Tele with Rosewood fretboard, steel 3-saddle bridge, volume and tone at full settings. .10 - .46 strings. Medium celluloid pick, or fingers.

The following equipment and software was used to record the Stratocaster Clips:
-Fender Stratocaster (USACG neck, Callaham bridge assembly) with O.C. Duff "Number One" pickups
-Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue amplifier - Stock
-Ibanez TS-808 (used on Sultans of Swing clip)
-Shure PG57 Instrument Microphone
-Behringer Eurorack UB502
-Adobe audition for recording and mixdown to mp3
-Played by Aaron Campbell
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