Loaded Pickguard
Loaded pickguards and switchplates of O.C. Duff Pickups are readily available. Flat rate is $85 for standard vintage Strat wiring, $65 for standard vintage Tele. Part costs depend on type - email for an exact quote. These always turn out pretty and you can drop them in and play (however you will need to wire input jack/trem ground). Please email for an estimate.

Loaded Pickguard Loaded Pickguard   Loaded Pickguard   Loaded Pickguard   Loaded Pickguard

Custom Work
True Custom Guitar PickupsI do custom work - over the years I've built all types of pickups for customers - for early Gibson's, Guilds, Mosrites, even for Chinese Erhu's! This is a very labor intensive project, including sourcing materials, custom fabrication, finding information on original specs. It can be done for those with the resources - and the results are well worth it.

That said, even if you are looking for something fairly traditional - like a mid 80's style Strat pickup, or even if you wish to alter any design I have, or have the exact specs for a particular month of Fender production, I'd be happy to oblige.

I've built, rewound and repaired vintage Guild, Gretsch, Mosrite, and Rickenbacker pickups, so I am happy to work on these types of pickups, as I have a huge respect for those guitars and their tones.

Price: based on $65 per hour labor charge.
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If you have any questions please email us at oc@ocduffpickups.com.